Hire effortlessly with AI Interview screening platform.

Streamline your hiring with InterviewMojito: Effortless AI interviews, customized avatars, and unbiased scoring. Save time and ensure the best fit for every role, effortlessly.

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Everything you need to conduct Screening interviews.

Don't waste hours sitting and listening to candidates that doens't fit!

In few minutes, create most relevant screening interview with power of AI. InterviewMojito fine-tunes your screening to probe precise skills and cultural fit.

Simplify everyday business tasks.

Because you’d probably be a little confused if we suggested you complicate your everyday business tasks instead.


Stay on top of things with always up-to-date information.

No more guessing! See exactly which candidates accepted invitation, applied, completed interviews and what emails they received.

Interview page

Enjoy free Interview / Career page for your business

We provide complementary Interview page where selected interviews are listed. Efficient HR process is our goal.

Custom Branding

Create branded AI avatar interviews

You can customized your Career Page, Logos, Colors and even Avatar appearance, Voice and Background

Artificial Inteligence

Save time with full integration of AI in our platform

We are Machine Learning company first and therefore, every step of the process is supported by AI.

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Loved by businesses worldwide.

Interview Mojito is so simple that people can’t help but fall in love with it.

    • Revolutionized our hiring process, saving countless hours and ensuring unbiased screening.

    • Seamless AI integration that customizes and evaluates efficiently!

    • The avatar generator's multilingual support is a game-changer for our global talent search, making interviews inclusive and personalized.

    • Intuitive editing for relevant questions, improving candidate shortlists.

    • "Automated scoring and notifications have streamlined our hiring workflow.


Special Offer, Enjoy completely free Enterprise plan till 1st of May.

We are looking for your feedback, to further improve our platform. Feel free to use it and let us know, what you think. After 1st of May, you will be eligible to great discounts.


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  • Conduct 20 Interviews
  • Try all the features of our platform
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Small business

Perfect for small sized businesses.

59€/ monthly

  • Included 30 interviews each month
  • Up to 3 open positions
  • Full AI Integration
  • Public Interview & Career page
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Medium business

For even the medium sized companies.

199€/ monthly

  • Included 100 Interviews each month
  • Up to 10 open positions
  • Full AI Integration
  • Public Interview & Career page
  • Custom AI Avatars for your business
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For even the biggest enterprise companies.

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  • All features from previous plans
  • Connectivity to your ATS system
  • API for seamless integration
  • Data security and privacy certifications
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact our support team.

    • Does Interview Mojito handle VAT?

      Yes, we are based in Estonia EU and support VAT free payments.

    • What if more candidates apply that I have available credits for?

      Candidates will be able to apply regardless if you have credits or not. You will be able to purchase additional interview credits to see their interview results.

    • Can I pay for my subscription via purchase order?

      For Medium and Enterprise customers, we support PO payments for Yearly plans

    • Unused interview credits

      Every month, after subscription renewal, available credits will be reset.

    • Can the product be integrated with our current HR systems?

      Our product is designed to be compatible with various HR systems. As part of Enterprise plan, we offer complete API connectivity to our platform as well we webhook integration with any ATS system. Talk to US!

    • What kind of support can I expect after purchasing this product?

      We offer comprehensive customer support, including helpdesk access, tutorials, and dedicated account managers for Medium & Enterprise customers.

    • Business behind InterviewMojito.com

      FreshMint ai OÜ, Sepapaja tn 6, 15551, Tallinn, Estonia

    • How does the product ensure candidate privacy and data protection?

      We adhere to strict data protection regulations and employ robust security measures to safeguard candidate information.

    • Is this product compliant with labor and anti-discrimination laws?

      Yes, we regularly update our product to ensure compliance with relevant labor and anti-discrimination laws to help you maintain fair hiring practices.